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About Us

We just love waffles

Founded by four girlfriends, Little Shop of Waffles was inspired by our collective 30 years of living and travelling around Europe and Asia. After noticing the Hong Kong street food, known as bubble waffles (AKA egg waffles), were a popular treat around the world, we found their favourite dessert was missing from their new home areas on the Northern Beaches and North Shore. Made using flour, eggs, evaporated milk and sugar, they are poured into moulds to get their bubbly shape. 


We added an Aussie twist to the concept with flavours like Pavlova, which combines Pavlova gelato with fresh fruit and meringue inside an original waffle.


After opening on New Year's Day 2021, (during the Northern Beaches lockdown) we quickly learnt just how flexible and adaptable we could be. We  started with takeaway only and we saw that even in lockdown, people were looking for something that would bring some joy to their day, and a waffle filled with gelato and delicious toppings was just the thing to give our customers a little boost!

Since launch we have been busy testing, expanding and refining our seasonal menu. In July 21 Secret Sydney highlighted us in the Top 10 Takeaway Desserts in Sydney (view)!

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Our Mission

Our Mission: to create lasting memories with every bite

Our ethos is to create joy and lasting memories so we aim to offer customers something fresh, fun and unique when they come into our shop.


"It felt right that our flagship little shop would be in Manly as I have such fond memories as a kid of the area and would love to create memories for others." - Irene Zalami - Co-Founder

Photo Credit: @boyeatsworld

We're Winners!

Awarded Northern Beaches Best Takeaway

We are so humbled, honoured (and surprised!) to have won the 2021 Northern Beaches Local Business Awards' best takeaway. There are so many incredible, well-established businesses on The Beaches so receiving this accolade in our first year of trading has really inspired us.

We want to say a massive thank you to our customers and stellar team who have supported us.

As a fledgling start-up business we are so grateful to have our work recognised.

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Meet The Founders


Irene Zalami

Continually dreams about our Pavlova Bubble Waffle

Naomi headshot_edited.jpg


Huge fan of our Biscoffle waffle and spearheaded this flavour launch

Alex Potter Headshot.webp


A gluten-free cinnamon pom pom waffle with a latte is her choice



Can't get enough of our choc drop Bubble Waffle

Giving Back

We love our amazing community and believe in giving back wherever we can. Here are just a couple of ways...


Kindness  Coffees

Homelessness and poverty can affect anyone at any time, in any location - including our own backyard of the Northern Beaches. We've teamed up with the amazing Kindness Coffees Manly crew to help out those in need.


For just $4.50, you can buy a pay-it-forward coffee. For each purchase, we'll add a ping pong ball to the Kindness jar and anyone in need can use the ball to redeem a regular hot drink.

Northern Beaches Women's Shelter

NBWS is non-profit, community-funded charitable organisation providing crisis accommodation, support, safety and services for homeless women across Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Our customers got that feel-good karma when they purchased a Banana-Carma waffle in 2021. A dollar from each waffle was donated - that amounted to a $455 donation. We will also be donating a raffle prize for their 2022 charity gala event.

Green Caffeen

We are a proud partner of Green Caffeen, an initiative to help end the the single use plastic epidemic.

Simply scan, swap, drink, return. Green Caffeen is a FREE reusable café cup system for eco-focused cafes and coffee lovers across Australia. This initiative has been coordinated by Northern Beaches Council so hats off to them for spearheading participation by local venues.

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Let’s reduce our impact on the planet together. We give away our used coffee grounds so you can use them as compost in the garden, as a soil base for fruit and veg growing or for cleaning products around the home!

Bring in a bag and we will fill it with our coffee grounds. The later in the day you stop by, the more coffee grounds we will have to share.

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